In an exchange with the civil society of Tchomia, a locality located about 60 km east of Bunia at the edge of Lake Albert, the coordinator of this structure said that local police officers proceeded at the beginning of this week the sealing of some doors belonging to economic operators of the place:
    “Police reproach these traders for importing carbonated beer from Uganda, which is banned by the Ministry of Foreign Trade. The prosecution intervened to order the reopening of these displays, “said Uvona Kermundu, who is on the phone at
    This behavior of the PNC is condemned by the NGO Justice Plus, specialized in the protection and the defense of the human rights which estimates that it is not the police to seal the doors of the traders:
    “The police do not have the power to seal doors, only the public prosecutor can authorize such an operation. If the economic operators were outlawed, the police had to seek a requisition of information signed by the public prosecutor, “said Xavier Maki, executive secretary of the organization, adding:
    “The General of the police, the colonels and all the others are judicial police officers (OPJ), they are right arms of the Prosecutor of the Republic and they are under his authority in judicial matters. If the police continue such ignorance of the law, the prosecutor has the power to remove them as OPJ ”

    A few days ago, the same police force led by its provincial chief, General Henry Kapend, was criticized for launching a closure operation for vehicles smoked or not having license plates without the approval of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. what constitutes a procedural defect denounced the Prosecutor Hoppeson Bafoa.


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